Our Process

1. Let’s Talk

Our first teleconference is designed to learn what your needs are and give you some perspective on how we work. This helps us determine if the project is appropriate for our firm and if you feel our company is a good fit for you.  We can also provide references from our long list of satisfied clients.

 2. Planning Conference

This one- or two-hour brainstorming session brings out broad outlines and small details. In the end, we both have a working idea of your goals, budget and timeline. This meeting usually takes place at your home with all decision-makers present. There is no fee for this initial conference.

 3. Preliminary Design/Plan Agreement

If you decide you want our company to design and create the necessary plans that allow us to prepare a detailed proposal for your project, you then sign our preliminary design/plan agreement. The price for this service will be based on the type and scope of your specific project. These drawings are meant to be used for preliminary design discussion and pricing only by Schorr Construction.

4. Preliminary Design Process Underway

We proceed to do all necessary measurements at the project site and the serious conceptualization and planning begins. Next, you are presented with the preliminary scaled drawings and proposal, including, as accurately as we can, your cost.

5. Review

As we walk through the details of the proposal with you, we encourage you to discuss any questions you have or options you might desire. As concepts are refined, we provide budgetary feedback, letting you know the impact of decisions you make.

6. Design & Proposal Approval

The hard work by you and our design team comes together into a well-defined project.

7. Construction Agreement

Our estimating team determines exactly what your investment will be and we draw up a fixed-price agreement which includes the costs for the necessary construction drawings. If specific items have not been selected at the time of the construction agreement, allowances for those items remain in the proposal. Once the final selections are decided upon, the costs for those items will be adjusted in relation to the allowed amounts. When the Construction Agreement is signed, we will collect an initial payment, begin ordering any "long-lead" items such as cabinets, lighting or plumbing fixtures, review when progress payments are scheduled, and discuss the project completion procedure.

8. Scheduling

We select the best Lead Carpenter for your project, based on personality, expertise and availability.

9. Pre-Construction Conference

Our Designer, Production Coordinator and/or Lead Carpenter meet with you at your home to talk through details as needed. We’ll let you know what to expect – work hours, sequence of tasks, particularly disruptive times, and the like. We will choose a location for the key box and job sign, and set up communication arrangements for you and your Lead Carpenter.

10. Construction Underway

Our crews and subcontractors are not only the best in the business, you'll also find them personable and helpful. Respecting your property and minimizing disruption are priorities, as is regular communication with you. When decisions are needed from you, or unforeseen conditions are encountered, you will be informed by the Lead Carpenter.  If these situations affect your budget, you will get a change order detailing the credit or cost.

11. Completion

We work hard to finish all aspects of your project before you move back in or begin to use the space. There are circumstances, however, that may require a "completion list.” We will compile this list together and assign a value to the remaining tasks. Aside from this small "retainage," final payment will be made so you can begin using your remodeled space while we finish the items on the list. When the list is completed we will collect the final payment.

12. Follow-up

Enjoy your newly remodeled space. We always welcome your feedback to let us know if we can improve our services in any way. We will send out a survey that allows you to share your thoughts about working with our company.  Because our number one goal is to provide the highest quality workmanship and satisfy every client, we stand behind our work with an industry-leading three-year workmanship warranty.